About the Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a combined effort of many organizations. It passes through several city and county jurisdictions, not to mention private property. From the trailhead in Abingdon to Damascus, the City of Abingdon and the Town of Damascus maintain and support the trail with the cooperation of the property owners. From Damascus to the NC state line, the US Forest Service maintains the trail in cooperation with the property owners.

 The Virginia Creeper Trail Advisory Board is comprised of members of each organization to bring about a joint effort to maintain the trail for everyone to enjoy. A vital asset to the trail is the riders and hikers. Each user is asked to properly respect the land by disposing of liter and observing rider courtesy. When passing through private property, please close all gates and show the respect you would expect. By observing basic courtesies, we can enjoy the trail and preserve its use for others to experience. Thank you.

The Rules of the Trail

Trail Courtesies - Most of these are really common sense, but just for grins let's go over them. Please be aware of riders in front of you and riders coming from behind. When passing a rider or group of riders, please call out "passing on the left" before passing on their left side. When riding two across, move to the right when meeting riders coming toward you.