About Whitetop Station

Whitetop Station is a visitor center that shares the local train history and surrounding community through historic photos and other memorabilia. Once the highest rail station east of the Rockies, the original building was torn down shortly after the rail line was abandoned in 1977. On October 22, 2000, the US Forest Service and the Friends of Whitetop Station dedicated a new building. The new building is slightly wider and longer than the original depot to better serve visitors. The northwest corner of the new building rests on the same spot as the original building. Today Whitetop Station welcomes visitors to the Virginia Creeper Trail and serves as a starting position for most bikers and a welcome rest for those who ride the trail from Damascus.

Whitetop Station Visitor Center

Parking lot fills quickly.  Parking only in limited designated spaces. Do not block the shuttle buses, who have special use permits, loading and unloading passengers. Cars not obeying the rules are subject to being towed. Whitetop Station is in a different county (Grayson County) than Damascus (Washington County) so cars that have been towed are taken to Independance, VA a little more than an hour drive from Damascus.  Best advice is to park in Damascus and rent a shuttle to the top.