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I first rode the creeper trail in June 2005,and loved it so much that I did it again in Oct.and again in May 2006,although early May for me was a gamble because I drive up from the Nashville area,and this year was very rainy.Next year I believe I'll wait until June and hopefully it will be drier.I have gotten to know Ronnie and Debbie at the Ole Barn bike shop,and will continue to let them shuttle me up to whitetop station.I even bought myself a Jamis bike from them in May,and I love it!! Riding the creeper trail has been so relaxing and I can't wail til oct. to do it again.Stopping at the creeper trail cafe has been a delight each trip,from ice cream to a hearty meal.Wish I lived closer,but for now I'll continue to drive 5 hrs. to ride my bike the most enjoyable 35 miles I could ever imagine.Thanks, Ed K.

Hello, Last fall 2005, my 6 year old son and I rode our bikes, a Mt. bike with a 5 speed tagalong attached, from Damascus up to White Top and then approx. 1 mile on the NC road after the trail stopped.  It was a grueling hard ride but we were proud we had made it up on our own power, with out the need for the shuttle service!
I would like for someone to add to the trail Courtesies that folks riding 2 and 3 abreast, flying down hill at neck break speeds, and talking to one another, should realize they are not the only folks on the trail and that there are actually bikers that bike “up” the trail and are not toted up by a vehicle to take a leisurely ride downhill.
We had 4 incidents where we had to yell at folks loudly, many times, to get their attention to keep them from hitting us. Twice we actually laid our bikes to the side (actually tipped them over) to keep from having head on collisions with people that were riding side by side, laughing and looking at each other as they sped down the trail.
We went on a Thursday and I can’t imagine what it would be like on a busy weekend.  It was still a wonderful ride and we hope to do it again this coming week in August 2006 without the tagalong. But I fear that I may be making the wrong decision, not due to my son being on his own bike and not being able to make the grade up.  But due to the fear of other fellow bikers not paying attention to where they are going and colliding with us. Otherwise the trail is super! We have also rode to Abingdon and back to Damascus.  It can get pretty rough in a rain. Thanks for the wonderful site.  DLN, Va.

My husband and I rode the trail on Labor Day and had a fabulous time! We were visiting the area from Ohio and made the trip from Damascus up to White Top and back. We have great trails in Ohio, like in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation area, but this trail was just as beautiful and picturesque. Although there are places that need some upkeep with crushed gravel, we had a memorable ride and gained a new appreciation for the state of Virginia. Thanks! Jan Oxley, Canton, Ohio

April 21st, 2007
My wife and I visited the Creeper Trail for the first time this past weekend and loved every mile of it. The weather was perfect and the trail was in great shape. We choose to catch a shuttle up form Abingdon to White Top and ride the entire 34 miles back to our vehicle. We both were blown away by how beautiful the scenic views were. The river we kept biking beside and over was a added bonus. The countless bridges, streams, and wildlife coupled with a very enjoyable bike ride made this a trip we'll never forget. We can't wait to go back.
 Mike Gianopulos

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