Parking Areas
Abingdon Trail head - A gravel lot across the street from the trail head in Abingdon is a great place to park while visiting the trail. Abingdon has great access to food, lodging, shopping and Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Shop.

N36 42.555 W81 58.298

Watauga Trestle - To the southwest of Abingdon between Hwy 75 and Hwy 58 on Hwy 677 is the small community of Watauga. There is limited but ample parking for users to park while enjoying the trail, good location for hikers or bikers to access the trail.There are quite a few nice cheap hotels in the area if you wish to make a weekend trip out of it. From here the trail head in Abingdon is an easy ride or for hikers a challenging walk.

N36 40.687 W81 56.105

Alvarado - Off the beatin' path from Hwy 58 at Drowning Ford is Alvarado. This is a good spot to access the Holston River Trestle and Dry Branch Trestle. in the other direction Damascus is an easy ride. The depot is gone, but the old general store is still a for goods and refreshments. This area is mostly private property so please ask before leaving your car.

N36 39.080 W81 53.218

Damascus - Serves as the hub of activities for the trail. From here both sections of the trail are easily accessible. Parking is limited unless you are using a shuttle service. Some parking is available at the park. Please use this lot for short-term parking.
Adventure Damascus
Bike Station, The
Sundog Outfitter

Shuttle Shack
Blue Blaze Bike & Shuttle

Damascus - For long-term parking continue on past the park and turn left onto Water Street. About 100 yds. on the right is another parking area for Long-term and overnight parking. Even though this lot is patroled by Damascus Police, DO NOT leave valuables in your car.

Straight Branch - About 4 miles outside Damascus on Hwy 58 is Straight Branch. Great parking location for hikers, bikers, fishing or horseback riding. This has restroom, picnic table, bike rack and horse tie-outs. No over night parking.

N36 38.647 W81 44.390

Taylors Valley - Nestled in a valley community is a good location for parking. From here the trail runs through the parking area and is a good entry for hikers, bikers, fishing and horseback riding. If you are hungry, stop in the Creeper Trail Cafe' to fill that need.

N36 37.519 W81 43.046

Creek Junction - About 3 miles outside the Konnarock community on US Hwy 58 is the entrance to a gravel road leading down to the parking lot at Creek Junction. This is a great parking area for hiking biking and fly fishing. The Whitetop Laurel Creek flows beside the Creeper Trail and is idea for fishing. From here people can enjoy strolling the once rail spur from the main rail line into Konnarock to the lumber mill. The trestle is the highest span of track on the former Virginia-Carolina rail line.

N36 38.891 W81 40.300

Green Cove - Just off US Hwy 58 in Green Cove is the original depot building along the Creeper Trail. A gravel parking lot has plenty of parking for visitors to the trail. From here hikers walk the 3 miles to Whitetop or head west toward Creek Junction. This is a good point for day hikes short bike treks or a picnic.

N36 37.171 W81 38.666

Whitetop - As you get to Whitetop Station drive on past the building about 100 yds and you will see the parking lot. From here you can start out on the trail toward Damascus or trek the short distance to the NC State Line. Trail ends there, property owners so far have not allowed bikers to have access to that section of the trail. But it is worth time to go down to the finish.

N36 35.949 W81 37.530
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